Grand Canyon Backcountry Workshop, 2006

The workshop took place at the Community Building on the South Rim Jan 31 - Feb 1. The purpose of the workshop was to bring together researchers and park staff to discuss the results of research and provide an updates on recent managerial activity in the backcountry. The spirit of the workshop was to focus the park staff on backcountry management and anticipate the upcoming backcountry planning process.


Bill Stewart's Sabbatical, 2006

Bill Stewart is visiting the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies from January to June 2006. He has been appointed as the Fulbright Chair in Global Governance and Multilateral Management at the University of Waterloo.

His research is in the area of park and natural resources, and he has recently been conducting collaborative research with Dr. Troy Glover on community identity and its relationship to landscape change. He will be a resource person for faculty members and graduate students in the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies, and will also be working with researchers in the Environmental Studies and Arts Faculties.

Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies

Conference Presentations, 2005

Bill and James Barkley have recently given a presentation on photo-elicitation as a strategy for participatory action research at the NRPA annual congress in San Antonio, Texas, October, 2005. In addition, Bill and Erik Backlund made a presentation on preparedness of day-hikers at Grand Canyon at the 8th Biennial Conference on Integrating Science & Management on the Colorado Plateau at Northern Arizona University, November, 2005.


Research Trips on Grand Canyon, 2004

During October 2004, Bill, Erik, James, and Yong Soon took a backcountry trip along the Escalante route to experience for themselves the wonders of Grand Canyon. They were accompanied by Bil Vandergraff of Grand Canyon's backcountry operations.

Earlier in the year in March, they visited Grand Canyon to discuss aspects of their operations with the park planning staff, and further discuss research objectives.




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